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Novgorod-Seversky - a city in the Chernigov area of Ukraine, an administrative centre Novgorod-Seversky of area. The population makes 15,2 thousand inhabitants. The city is located on the right coast of Desna, 270 km severo-to the east Kiev and in 45 km from the Russian border.


Novgorod-Seversky has been mentioned for the first time in 1044 and with 1098 was capital of the Seversky princedom serving by protection of Kiev from polovtsi. From Novgorod-Seversky the campaign of prince Igor against polovtsi, described in Ђthe Word about Igor's Regiment ї has been undertaken. After ruin by Mongols in 1239 city belonged to the Bryansk princedom, later the Great Princedom Lithuanian. Owing to fight at the river Vedroshe Novgorod-Seversky has passed to the Moscow princedom, but has been grasped by Poland during the Great distemper. On conditions of the Andrusovsky armistice 1667 was a part of Russia.


Х Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy monastery (XI century)

Х Nikolsky church (XVII century)

Х Uspensky cathedral (XVIII century)

Х Triumphal arch (1786-1787)



Blossoming Novgorod-Seversky princedoms has dropped for second half XII centuries when at board of prince Igor were found out in the Seversky earth of force to carry out numerous military campaigns not only for protection from polovtsi the borders on the Vorskla, and and to go far to enemy steppe as it has occurred in 1185. As usual prince Igor carried out campaigns in Povorskie Povorskie mainly in June-July or in the winter, and this time in April, in the flooding when the rivers overflow banks, and the lowlands, at least two months stand impounded by water, the Unique princely road there is a way on water separate heights. What reasons induced Igor to have superfluous road difficulties? Whether wished to attack on polovtsi from the unexpected party for them, whether had a message, what any polovtsi the horde has gone to Byzantium, having left defenceless settlements-fortresses? From annals it is not known, besides, that there was prince Igor from Novgorod-Seversky on April, 23rd, draw to a campaign of the son from Putivl, the nephew from Rylsk and the brother from Trubchevsk, having agreed to meet the last already in steppe on the river Oskol, i.e. on syn a site of ancient settlement Seversky borders (on inflow of Oskol-Holke). The shortest distance from Novgorod-Seversky to Holka lies through Rylsk. Pathfinders of forwarding group Дflint" from city station of young tourists the possible route of prince Igor on Pylsk through Ivotka as has interested the shortest - 120 km in length. Then speed of a modular princely team from a cavalry, infantry and a transport represented average of 40 km in the afternoon, sometimes at good roads and 70 km. The first day of a campaign the crossing through Desna on Ostroushki should occupy (Islands) and a way to the second crossing on Ivotka where there should be a site of ancient settlement for the control over ford and over Ivotka as a waterway. The second day too has begun with a crossing and transition on a corduroy road through the Bitter bog, Big I Drag with an exit on a watershed along the Monastic bog on upper course Usok, by then settlements on treeless the fertile earths to Kniazhchi or Pustograd which names pronounce about old population places. The third day of a campaign deduced on Rylsk where waited Poseymie groups (hundreds) the nephew and the son. Already from Rylsk the army has got under way in steppe Poseymie and, having overcome about 200 km for the eighth day of a campaign, on May, 1st forced Severski Donets where they were found by solar blackout. In general prince Igor has spent to Holka 10 days of a course, having outstripped on two days of the prince Trubchevsky and Kursk Buoy-tur Vsevolod which has passed a little greater distance bogs from Trubchevsk to Sevsk and on a watershed to Kursk. Probably, in steppe in general flooding consequences have not affected army movement if the spring of 1185 was very early and has begun in March the sharp warming known from annals: khan Konchak escaped from Kiev prince Svjatoslava for Horol on foot, stick in melted the earth. Because of warming and dense fogs prince Igor could not be in time from upper reaches of the Sula to the aid of prince Svjatoslav. Then Igor, probably, has returned to Novgorod-Seversky, having released posezmie hundreds in places, i.e. In Putivl, Rylsk, Kursk, with the order to prepare for the general with Svjatoslav to a campaign on polovtsi in the summer. According to the plan preparation of roads, clearing from the tumbled down trees and updating of bridges, corduroy roads was conducted. Absence in annals and in ДThe Word about Igor's Regiment " mentions of this city is essential argument on advantage of northern variant of passage of princely road through Ivotka on Kniazhichi bypassing Gluhov: Gluhov had still no hundred and corresponding tens (tents) on sites of ancient settlement neighbourhood. which will appear later when military threat of princely civil strifes from the north is, from the Sevsky direction. It is known, that under instructions of prince Igor, already as Chernigov master, for protection of Russian earth from the north from an attack of Suzdal prince Vsevoloda, on a nickname Дthe big nest", it has been made multikilometer abatis in one hundred sazhens in width on a watershed from a left bank of Desna and Bolva, on a natural boundary of moving sivertsi and viatichi from VIII century. In 1196 sivertsi princes unanimously became under the abatis woods on protection of Russian earth against the enemy as if on steppes behind the Vorskla from polovtsi. In general our Gluhov as to it gravitates from time immemorial Zadesionie, has arisen as the centre of farmers, trade and defence sivertsi sorts, i.e. not only thanks to presence of fertile meadows among woods but also because was on northern branch of the main trading way from the Big city on Kama - Bulgarians - to Kiev, and even earlier - from Kiev in khazar, from the Khazar - to Germans of Bavaria.

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