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22.12.07 The new Internet project Siver devoted to everything is offered to your attention, that is connected with indigenous population of a left bank of Dnepr - sivertsi, their histories, ethnography, arts and crafts and so forth

13.10.07 The new section is offered to your attention Terra-trajana devoted slavic tribes have won our earth.

26.09.07 Green tourism - to be or not to be

Last time a life in Shostka-city considerably there are foreign investments, are started new and again the old enterprises start to work, all new and new shops open. And, apparently, the city returns itself former glory and prosperity. But nevertheless, if to reflect, there is a question what of the city enterprises can apply for such popularity as SVEMA and former scale of its manufacture. And if there will be investments under the project (or projects) similar scale how it will be reflected in ecology of a city which has received some respite last decade? One of possible alternative answers to these uneasy questions is development of tourist business popular in the world - in particular «green tourism». Owing to geographical position Shostka-city could become a reference point for a number of the most interesting tourist routes on Shostkinsky (and not only) to area. So, creation (according to the decree of the President) Mezinsky national natural park, actually on border of Koropsky and Shostkinsky areas was the fundamental precondition to it. Certainly, that development of the given direction lays in the field of long-term prospect and demands working out of routes, training of shots, infrastructure development. Also one of the important problems is information support and here it is possible to consider as first signs resource terra-trajana on which some of sights of our corner of the world are collected. It is necessary to notice, that, despite visible difficulties, the development problem of "green tourism» is quite realizable also an example to that already "untwisted" Ukrainian tourist brands (for example «tripillya's archaeological culture» - can serve with. Tripillya, etc.).

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